Open Letter To The Queen Of England

Dear Elizabeth Mountbatten ,
Do not think I am being intentionally disrespecting you by calling you by your name.I merely wish to address you as a fellow human rather than a figure of authority.

This letter comes directly from my heart though I know it will do no good except for allowing me a space to express myself and move on.

I shall be posting this letter in written form tomorrow with a £5:00 note attached as I hear you are a little skint.And you requested money from the Social Poverty Fund to help with the cost of heating all four of your palaces…and I thought well…it’s payday…benefits in..government robs us all the time I may as well send it directly.

Now-what will ya fiver get ya?Not a lot.Not even the bus fare to harrods probably.but still….I want you to receive this paper that has YOUR face on it,look at it and think about that…it has YOUR face on it….

You have four palaces…lucky you…heaps of spare rooms and no bedroom tax.Isn’t that fabulous eh Liz?i live in a mates spare room and a squat in London.Our capital city…your stomping ground.

Why don’t you just sell a couple of your palaces?or better still..donate em for the homeless.You can only sleep in one room at a time after all right ?

What goes through your mind?DId you see us outside bucks palace last night?Was it you curtain twitching up there?What did the president of South Korea think of it all(ps-did ya ask him if he could lend you a few quid?)

You are so ridiculously and terribly out of touch, out of reality and perhaps even out of your mind like that awful government of yours.

Oh-before I forget.Are the corgis still getting their pedigree chum,I heard this week a sad tale of a young girl who had to have her dog put to sleep because couldn’t afford to feed him anymore.heartbreaking it was.

Bucks palace has massive grounds.How about growing heaps of food back there?You could even grow enough to share with poor people with all that space…

You could stop them spoilt grandchildren of yours spending teach em the value of everything that has nothing to do with money…….

The cabinet can’t give you money lizzie cos they are giving it to the corporations and the banks remember…and now that pretty much everything is privatised there’s bugger all for you lot to sell off.

You are no queen.There is nothing royal or dignified about an elderly women who doesn’t mind treating millions of people like shit and the.n bleating because your struggling

Ask yourself why firework rockets sped towards your windows last night.

Not that you care…

But I do.

I care about it all.


Open letter to met police re nov 5th

Dear Metropolitan Police

I write this open letter to you to share some thoughts.I write it openly and publicly for all people,government agencies to read alike.In the name of transparency and honesty I write this letter…

You emailed occupy London and others to ask what plans there are for protests on November 5th.But you really should be writing to the people to ask what their feelings are regarding what’s happening to the people of this country and your part in enforcing it.

What are my plans for November 5th?well I honestly haven’t decided as yet.
You have to remember peaceful protest is our democratic right.It is our right wether you allow us it or not.Also people are so fed up they are individually acting on their own behalf rather than as movements etc.

There is only so much people can talk.As I write this I’m fighting back tears.For years I have tried so hard to continue to feel empathy with the police.But you have beaten me and hounded me and labelled me a domestic terrorist simply because I’m trying to make my country and my world a better place.I have never lifted a weapon and I never will.My heart and my soul are my only weapons.

The violence has always come from you.
Your kettles.your labels.your harassment.your batons and tasers.Your fists.

I do not trust you at all.Not a single officer will I ever trust ever again.You have proved yourselves to be violent oppressive tools of the state.

You are fathers,mothers grandparents yet you squash us and usher in the fascism which will ultimately affect you and your families. We try to talk to you but most of you won’t even look us in the eye and totally ignore whoever tries to talk to you.why?

One day this government is going to find you are no longer any use to them and you shall be replaced by private security.Then what?Are you going to turn to the people for assistance?
Whatever happens on nov 5th I wholeheartedly hope you shall behave yourselves And my ultimate wish is that you would throw your hats down and join us so that together we can stop the wave of fascism that is rapidly becoming a tsunami.

I may or may not protest next week.but if you see me on the streets look into my eyes and see a human.See a mother terrified for her children’s future.See someone who is tired of hearing of another suicide due to the actions of the government.

When we fight we fight for you too I wish you could see that.

Ultimately those that stop people changing the world for the better are also responsible for whatever happens next.

Tammy Samede.

Open your eyes and your heart.

Leaving the verge

Well today I left the grass verge that I have Inhabited for the past two months.

It’s been awesome.Its been exhausting,emotional and sometimes frightening.Its been beautiful and inspiring too.

It was pretty awful having to sleep while that bloody rig attacked the earth….and it was rotten getting shoved about by cops in front of lorries.

I spent the time with old friends and made new friends.

I’m still in Balcombe at the moment feeling very very tired and emotionally and physically drained but proud of what we achieved together.

Thinking about paddy and Suzy,and the lovely meals and giggles and time at their place.Thinking about nancy and bots and the difficulties they faced,and also Helen who did so much even though she has small children.Then the awesome Catherine and Charles up the road,and bernadette and the knitting nanas.and Vanessa vine and lech an Debbie,and all those that the tiredness hasn’t let me remember .much love to you all you inspire me and I feel honoured to have net you and blessed to have you a

A poem

A poem-I see parallels of my life in the Fracking..

All the sanity in me,
(If there was ever any sanity)
Is leaving me quickly,
And I’m being held,
In the arms of darkness,
Being rocked by pain,
And memory has me by the throat,
My pillow is full of tears,
My blankets are made of fear,
My tent a cave of despair,
The lanterns are all blown out,
And the candles are fluttering,
In the winds of fear,
And I’m tired,
I’m so very tired,
And I’m afraid,
Afraid of the darkness
And afraid of the light,
(They both hurt equally now)
Night brings no relief
There are no pleasant dreams
Only nightmares
And tearstained pillows
I wake sweating and shaking
Reminding myself I’m on the verge,
And feeling fractured
Fracked internally
I feel invaded by my own mind
It’s working against me
Drilling through the past
And extracting raw terror
But there’s no flare in my soul
To burn off the excess
There’s no wind sock
To show which way is clean air
And I’m on the verge
My heart has been placed in a pen
And there it must stay
I have imposed a section 14
On my heart
Which states
“Words must not be outside the pen,
Feelings must be In
The designated area
At all times,
If there is a breach of this section 14
Then the heart shall be punished”
And it shall
Experience has taught me
That when feelings are shared
When people said they cared
They lied
And I was fractured anew
And my tears well up
Like a poisoned aquifer
Because they sting my eyes
They hurt
And there was emotionally seismic activity
Which drained my soul
And created chaos within me
And now I’m torn
Like a community divided
Yet there’s only me
And the division is between
What I need
And what I fear
I am on the verge
I am fractured

Second Site For Our Campaign

So we have had our second site for a few days now and some of our people have moved there in order to plan ahead for the next phase in our campaign against fracking.

Some people are spreading rumours that the camp is divided.This is far from true.It is simply a tactical move in order to plan our next move and have some safe police free space to do so.All who are staying at the second site are today down at the verge site supporting,we are still one.

We now have a place where folk can shower,wash clothes and take a break if they need to.We are not wind up toys and machines and it is not for others to expect us to be out in the wind ad rain in discmfort all the time.If we wish to continue we must take care of ourselves.

The second site is receiving much support and a private donor has offered to buy us a mini bus(battle bus) in the meantime cars are transporting people between the two sites.

we have at the 2nd site access to free reliable wi fi which enables us to communicate with other groups and communities in order to plan ahead.

its also great to be able to plan direct actions away from police ears and eyes…

we would ask that anyone wishing to join the protests joins the camp outside the dilling site and that all donations continue to be taken there.

It would be very helpful if outside influences didn,t attempt to divide us as we are all one,though we do expect this too happen.its always a danger in any campaign.

so there it is.we still are on the verge untill the 28th and able to try and stop the rig leaving.we have a space to plan ahead and all is going well.

this is bigger than the grass verge,bigger than balcombe,bigger than the media and courts,

its bigger than all of us

Amazing things happen at balcombe

So we have a second site and some have gone to prepare it in case we are evicted.

It’s an awesome site given by a lovely benefactor of sorts who said we may stay till end of October.

We shall be able to regroup and plan the next blockade 🙂

The campaign is bigger than Balcombe and its sensible to cover all bases.

We shall continue our protest at Balcombe until cuadrilla leave and then we shall continue in our fight up get a uk ban….

Onwards and upwards